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The Northeastern New York PGA Board of Directors governance, leadership, and actions are spurred by the committee structure and their overall business plan is set by the ground work done from each core area of operation within the section.

In an era of declining spare time, the work of the individual committee members should not go unnoticed. These PGA members are giving back to their Association by donating their time and their expertise. Visit the individual committee pages to view a complete list of members of each committee.

Committee Service Requests

If you are interested in serving on a Committee, please contact the NENY PGA Section President or any NENY PGA Section staff member.

Committee Lists & Missions

Assistant’s Committee

The primary mission of the Assistant’s Committee is to provide assistance and mentorship to PGA Associates who have a direct interested in membership in the PGA of America, ultimately expanding the pool of qualified assistants to our members and employers and producing the next generation of PGA Professionals. Assistance will be provided through assigned mentors with more tenured PGA Members, education workshops and offerings, membership meeting inclusion, and tournament-playing opportunities for networking.

Board of Inquiry

The Section Board of Inquiry Committee shall have jurisdiction and the power to proceed in all matters properly brought before them in reference to questions on all section tournament violation and any code of ethics charges for “Minor Penalties” defined by the PGA of America and the committee will investigate complaints and then submit a report of its findings to the PGA of America Board of Control.


The Committee’s efforts are continually centered around offering local level section based education programs and training for NENY PGA professionalism relevant areas to develop their applied operational and strategic excellence to include leadership, business, marketing and communication skills as well as teaching and coaching skills to advance the profession and career opportunities. The secondary focus is to provide an open and welcoming environment to these locally administered programs to all non-PGA individuals such as golf course owners, managers, golf shop operations staff, and more who gain professional knowledge while gaining a better understanding of the PGA Section and our PGA Professionals.

Annual surveys to the members can be used to help determine if the offerings are on target and to improve our members’ business impact and performance.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of the Executive Officers of the NENY PGA Section Board of Directors. The President sits as the Committee Chairperson with the other three Officers making up the Committee as general members, Vice President, Secretary, and Honorary President. This Committee provides direct oversight over the section’s overall finances. The committee also oversees all staff contract negotiations and renewals, and in regard to annual operation budgets will make recommendations to the Board in regard to appropriate fiscal management and ensure that all budgets are realistic and achievable

Employment Committee

The NENY PGA Section’s Employment Committee is extremely active in the area of local employment, ranging from meeting with employers interested in hiring a PGA Professional and counseling fellow PGA professionals in all areas of employment including one on one career wellness and goal oriented meetings.

Promote our PGA members in every strategic way possible to facilitate career management and related services that will promote career advancement, job placement, and enhanced compensation through trusted relationships with employers throughout the golf industry.

Efforts in employment must be centered around continuing to gain a good understanding of the section’s employment arena and building relationships with key industry stakeholders by being inclusive with these individuals while enhancing the communication between professionals and staff/committee members in regards to the resources available for our members.

Hall of Fame

The function of the Hall of Fame Committee is to continue to monitor and encourage a process that helps to define the importance of those individuals who earn induction and to maintain a selective group for each year’s induction class while providing a venue to celebrate this accomplishment with the inductees, their family, and supporters.

Junior Golf Committee

Since 2015, a major focus has been on scaling and programs of a full-blown “Junior Golf Life Cycle” offering.  Junior Golf is a critical area which currently allows for major areas of growth potential for both our NENY PGA members and Section programs. NENY PGA members must be engaged in this effort as they are the key driving force of the instructional element, and many times the introduction to the game. The Life Cycle will begin at introduction of game via members localized introduction programs at P.E in schools, at golf facilities and the section’s avenues of Kids Play Golf; PGA Junior League growth, the NENY Junior Golf Tour and into future collegiate/amateur playing opportunities.

Included in this element, the section can focus on championing the goal of increased diversity and inclusion, which will help the overall success and the establishment of more community-based programs such as PGA HOPE Chapter in the NENY PGA and our activity in the Albany Med Children’s golf instruction.

Special Awards Committee

The Special Awards Committee, headed by the Awards Committee Chairperson, will establish policies and procedures for the NENY PGA Special Awards Program. A With the assistance of the section staff will promote participation of the overall membership by nominating fellow professionals for special awards that celebrate specific areas of achievement through a professional’s previous employment year. The committee will select award winners by a majority vote and will also be engaged and determine the appropriate venue and format to celebrate the Awards Program.



Playing is an integral component to PGA membership. The NENY PGA Tournament Program provides various playing opportunities for our members, occasions to socialize and foster a collegiate atmosphere with their peers, networking, mentoring, and avenues for charity involvement.

The NENY PGA Tournament Program must determine and then maintain the “value of playing” for our members to have an active and successful Tournament Program. The value will be determined using these elements:

  • Entry Fee vs. Purse Distribution
  • Visibility of Program (within local golf community in general)
  • Player Participation/Experience
  • Consistent Course Site Selection and Scheduling

Foundation Committee