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Education & PDR Opportunities

2022 NENY PGA Education; Meeting & PDR Opportunities

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New PDR Cycle ends June 15, 2025.
* PGA Members must earn a total of 54 PDR Credits

The NENY PGA Education Committee strives to cultivate and administer quality local education opportunities for our section professionals on an annual basis. These programs are also always open to any interested individual working in the golf industry and do not require PGA membership to attend.

PGA members receive 1 PDR Education credit per hour attended.


PGA of America ONLINE/VIDEO Opportunities – Click HERE


PGA of America Certified Professional Program

This is an online, career-enhancing educational curriculum that supports the goals of PGA members who are committed to continuously improving their business and teaching skills to meet the increasing demands of the golf industry. This online approach ensures “on-demand” access when your schedule permits, while reducing time and travel costs associated with traditional classes.

The program offers four certifications:

  • General Management
  • Golf Operations
  • Teaching & Coaching
  • Player Development

These four certifications follow the seven defined career paths (Golf Operations, Teaching & Coaching, General Management, Executive Management, Retail, Ownership/Leasing, and Player Development) of a PGA Professional.

PGA Master Professional Program

This is the highest education level to be achieved by a PGA Member. A Certified Professional pursuing Master Professional status must showcase their Career Path talent in order for the Master Professional Program Review & Evaluation Team to determine that a candidate:

  • Understands the varied skills and procedures required to demonstrate Mastery
  • Can Integrate and apply varied skills in Career Path-specific environments
  • Demonstrates actual day-to-day experience and expertise to validate Mastery

There are other prerequisites to begin this journey to become a PGA Master Professional

To learn more, click here.


PGA Members must earn PDR (Professional Development Requirement) Credits towards their professional development, which is the primary purpose of this requirement to maintain membership. With this in mind, PDR should assist PGA Members to become well-rounded professionals who are committed to the traditional values of golf which are teaching, playing, and promoting the game.

Player development, continuing education, networking, and participation in Section activities are a vital part of the process.

Check Your PDR Status

NENY PGA Section staff can tell your PDR status at any point in time. Call (518) 438-8645 or to check online on your own simply log into your member account. Visit to log in.

PDR Period/Requirements

The PGA of America Board of Directors determines the PDR Requirements which typically run on a three (3) year cycle with input from the PGA Membership Committee. There are essentially three (3) buckets from which a PGA Member can earn PDRs:

  1. Meetings
  2. Education Programs
  3. Player Development Programs/Professional Standards and Data

Current PDR Cycle (16) – Effective for the period of June 16, 2022 – June 15, 2025

 *PGA Members must earn Fifty-four (54) total credits in this three-year cycle; of which at least 36 credits must come from Meeting/Education/Player Development/Professional Standards and Data.