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Become a Member

The PGA Professional Golf Management Program provides world-class training for aspiring golf professionals by offering skill-based training programs that provide state-of-the-art skills and knowledge. Graduates of this program will become outstanding golf professionals who provide exceptional service to their customers, employers, fellow professionals, and the game of golf.

There are numerous career options and exciting career pathways beyond the traditional Head Professional or Teaching Instructor that are available in the golf industry.

Path to PGA Membership

There are a few different pathways to pursue and achieve PGA Membership:

  • In order to become a member, you will need to become a registered associate through the appropriate steps and go through the PGA PGM program or begin through the Affiliate PGA Membership option.
  • The PGA Golf University Management Program is a 4.5- to 5-year college curriculum for aspiring PGA Professionals and is offered at 20 PGA-accredited universities nationwide

Both pathways to PGA Membership require a playing component by the individual, known as the PGA Playing Ability Test (PAT). In order to successfully pass the PAT (a 36-hole playing tournament), an individual must achieve a 36-hole score within 15 shots of the course rating, playing from the middle set of tees.

NENY PGA Section Mentoring Program

There are numerous resources available to PGA Associates during this time in their professional career, and then NENY PGA Section’s Employment Committee & Associate Committee both serve at the ready as mentors for all of our PGA Associates (to view Committee listings of members, click here). Please don’t hesitate to contact any Committee Member or Section Staff for assistance.

For other resources at your fingertips as a PGA Associate, including more info on the below you can find those answers HERE.

  • PGA of America Specialist Program – Lifelong Learning
  • PGA PGM Acceptable Progress Policy
  • Playing Ability Test Information
  • How to Prepare for Seminars
  • PGA Seminar Schedule
  • Associated Costs of the Program