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Golf in Schools

NENY PGA Golf in Schools

The Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) has always stood for excellence in the golf industry. One of its goals is to ensure that children of all abilities, from all walks of life, are afforded the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game.  Toward that end, our local PGA Section and its members are spearheading a grass-roots effort to introduce elementary-age kids to the wonderful sport of golf.

We are helping connect with local children regarding opportunities to learn and play golf – a sport that is often underrepresented in schools.

We would love to provide each school with materials about PGA junior golf programs to share with parents and students as well as the knowledge and equipment to implement yearly golf curriculum in Physical Education classes.

We also arrange for a PGA Professional to conduct an interactive golf demonstration for the kids of each visited school in hope to create a relationship and bridge the gap between local club professionals and their local schools.

The Benefits that Golf Provides to be a Perfect Curriculum for Elementary Age

  • Is a low risk-injury, non-contact sport
  • Encourages participation from both genders equally
  • Requires exposure to outdoors in natural elements which provides many great health benefits to one’s mind and body
  • Contains inherent characteristics such as integrity, sportsmanship and etiquette
  • Is a social sport by nature that actually encourages, allows and promotes personal social interaction with their peers

Questions & Contact To Become an Instructor or to Assist Us in Growing our Hospital List

Christian Torres, Player Development Coordinator for NENY PGA Section to get involved! Email:
Phone: 518-438-8645