Tournament Playing Opportunities & Calendar of Events
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*The "NENY PGA Assistant's Tourney Series" events are scheduled for the last Thursday of the month - check website event calendar for registration and details.


Interested in Pursing PGA Membership?
There are several careers available within the the golf industry ranging from a traditional Golf Instructor to a  Head Professional to a General Manager to a Sales Manufacturer Representative to a Greens Superintendent to a Retail Specialist and far more in between all these!

Earning PGA Membership is the first step to providing the value and skill sets you will need for a successful endeavor.

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* Professional Golf Management University Programs (4 year college degrees) or via the
   traditional PGA Professional Golf Management Program (self-work study based)

Click HERE to learn About the NENY PGA Section's Pre-Apprentice Classification
* Two year eligibility within the NENY PGA Section which requires employment at a facility and permits the Pre-
   Apprentice the ability to participate and enjoy NENY PGA Section program attendance and
   playing in professional tournaments
* Please contact the NENY PGA Section with any questions regarding Pre-Apprentice  


Are You Already a PGA Apprentice?
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* Learn the individuals who are in the same PGA PGM Level as you and NETWORK!


NENY PGA Apprentice Orientation
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Playing Ability Test Information

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HERE for IMPORTANT PGA of America Policy Information Related to P.A.T.s 



NENY PGA Apprentice Supervisor Guide
Click HERE for PGA Apprentice Supervisor's Guide
* Do you know what your apprentice is required to do?
* Do you know the costs of the PGA PGM Program?
* Do you know the classes/subjects in each level of the PGA PGM your apprentice is learning? 
* Do you know if your apprentice is in good standing? and progressing in a timely fashion?

PGA Apprentice Status Tracking 
Click HERE for the testing progress of Your PGA Apprentice
*Acceptable Progress in the PGA PGM Program is defined by the successful completion of each Level and matriculation into the subsequent Level.

  • Level 1 must be successfully completed within two years of the Level 1 start date
  • Level 2 must be successfully completed within two years of the Level 2 start date
  • Level 3 and election to PGA Membership must be successfully accomplished within eight years of the Level 1 start date. 

NENY PGA Assistant's Association Bylaws
Click HERE to view The Assistants’ Association of The Northeastern New York Section PGA Bylaws and Regulations