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PGA Associates

Those following the PGA Associate pathway will need to satisfy all requirements to register as a PGA Associate, including the PGA Playing Ability Test requirements, the PGM Qualifying Test, the background check, and eligible employment at a PGA-recognized Golf Facility.

Review the steps required to become a member through the PGA Professional Golf Management Program.

PGA PGM Curriculum

View a snapshot of the curriculum taught and required in the PGA PGM Program.

NENY PGA Section Mentoring Program

There are numerous resources available to PGA Associates during this time in their professional career, and then NENY PGA Section’s Employment Committee & Associate Committee both serve at the ready as mentors for all of our PGA Associates (to view Committee listings of members, click here). Please don’t hesitate to contact any Committee Member or Section Staff for assistance.

For other resources at your fingertips as a PGA Associate, including more info on the below you can find those answers HERE.

  • PGA of America Specialist Program – Lifelong Learning
  • PGA PGM Acceptable Progress Policy
  • Playing Ability Test Information
  • How to Prepare for Seminars
  • PGA Seminar Schedule
  • Associated Costs of the Program

PGA Associate Progress Testing

Acceptable Progress in the PGA PGM Program is defined by the successful completion of each Level and matriculation into the subsequent Level.

  • Level 1 must be successfully completed within two years of the Level 1 start date
  • Level 2 must be successfully completed within two years of the Level 2 start date
  • Level 3 and election to PGA Membership must be successfully accomplished within eight years of the Level 1 start date

NENY PGA – Pre-Associate Classification

Membership into this classification is eligible for the current calendar year ONLY. 

This classification has been established primarily for the purpose of a one-time option for the calendar year that individual is enrolled in. A Pre-Associate will provide affiliation with the NENY PGA Section ONLY, no privileges or eligibility will be recognized by The PGA of America.

It’s intended purpose to help acclimate an individual with the NENY PGA Section and membership services offered to our members including Education Program, Tournament/Playing Opportunities, networking with other professionals, and assist in progression into registering into the PGA of America’s PGM Program to pursue PGA membership.

A Pre-Associate will be eligible to play in all section events available (cannot compete in member only designated events).

Eligibility to be considered Pre-Associate

* Employed by a NENY PGA Section recognized facility
* Register and compete in a Playing Ability Test in that current year
* Submit application and payment of the Pre-Associate fee of $175 to Section – Print FORM
* Encouraged to take part in Assistant’s events